How to Promote Blog Posts – 18 Super-Useful Promotion Tactics

It’s done! You are excited about your new well-written and informative blog post. Hitting the “publish” button is cathartic and you're certain that it will mean big things for website traffic. So, you wait...and wait…and wait some more. But the traffic never comes. Discouragement sets in. You have created a great blog post but you forgot a key element of blogging success – Promoting Your Blog Posts. If you want your blog post to be read by a growing, interested audience then your … [Read more...]

7 Reasons To Create High Quality Website Content

Do you know what the most important component of your website is? CONTENT. In the age of DIY website creation, small business owners are able to quickly publish a business website with any number of platform products. While the convenience is unprecedented and the ease of use is unparalleled, a pretty website is not the same as a high quality website. Your audience is visiting your website with specific intentions or goals in mind. During each visit the quality and value of the content … [Read more...]

How to Create Engaging Blog Post Content for Your Small Business – 9 Tips

  “I don’t know what to write about for my next small business blog post.” Does this sound like you? You understand the importance of including a small business blog on your website. You have likely read about the value of posting to your blog on a regular basis. But, after the first several blog post ideas, many businesses hit a wall of writer’s block and can lose interest or even give up on the blog. Get your creative business juices flowing again with these inspiring and … [Read more...]

Keywords – 5 Things Every Small Business Should Know

Ahh, there is that elusive word again. Keywords. You know that you should have them, but why? And how are they identified? The keyword landscape is one of constant change. Gone are the days when a website could be packed with keywords and receive traffic. Search engines are becoming more intuitive and algorithms are favoring high quality content, which may include relevant keywords. Maintaining a strong keyword presence in your website content can seem tricky, but before you bury your head in … [Read more...]

6 Email Content Tips – What to Send to Your List?

  You have jumped on board with email marketing for regularly communicating with your email audience and have followed our tips for getting started. You sit down at your computer and BAM! The questions arise - what type of content is best to send to my email list? And where does this content come from? Now that you have begun to develop an email list, you don’t want to keep your subscribers hanging without providing quality content on a regular basis.  It can be tricky to know … [Read more...]

150 Digital Marketing and SEO Statistics to Know in 2016

  Business planning and goal setting for digital marketing and SEO can be challenging in the rapidly changing online world. To assist in the process I have located and compiled a wide range of stats covering the areas of SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, Internet growth and e-commerce. Each of the 150 statistics is followed by a link to the source for the given statistic. Each source will provide additional information and potentially some added context. Solid … [Read more...]

10 Common Small Business Blogging Mistakes

  Why do you have a blog? As a business owner, you have many goals: to build a brand, reach a target audience, raise awareness, gain patrons, make sales, earn a profit, expand, and ultimately, see long-term success in your chosen field. Your blog can be a key component in reaching these and other goals, provided you utilize its full potential. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of business blogging mistakes that could derail your efforts. Understanding the most common blogging … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You Need A Business Website Blog

A question we have heard more than a few times here at Web Presence Solutions is “I have a business website, do I need a blog?” Our frequent answer: “Yes, you should have a business website blog.” Sure, blogging can take time, planning, subject matter knowledge, a bit of passion, and some insight on your intended audience. But the business benefits can be dramatic. “Does my business really need a blog?” A blog with a growing amount of quality content that is published on a regular basis will … [Read more...]

Writing Quality Blog Posts – 12 Excellent Resources

You have heard or read it a thousand times, “just go write a number of high quality, engaging blog posts” to boost your business blog and website traffic. It sounds good, but many people quickly realize that writing quality blog posts that will actually get read by their audience isn’t quite as easy as it seems. Many businesses know that having an active blog on their website is an excellent way to bring more traffic to the site. It can also provide valuable information to customers, sales … [Read more...]

11 Small Business Social Media Resources

Developing an effective social media presence for a business is challenging. Small businesses are often at a marketing disadvantage due to a lack of resources and manpower. With concerns like how to generate shareable content and the best way to convert that buzz into profit, there's a lot to be learned. Here is a list of 11 small business social media resources that will help even the smallest businesses make a big impact online. Regardless of which specific social media platforms you want … [Read more...]