Website SEO Audit Tools – Measuring Website Performance

Is your website performing as well as it should? Is it delivering the best value for your business or is it simply taking up digital real estate? Website performance measurements and SEO metrics can help answer that. Measuring website performance is more than counting how many visitors you get each month or how many people […]

Sales Funnels for Small Businesses & Startups

If you have paid any attention to how other small businesses and startups are promoting themselves, you may have noticed they share some similar practices: branded marketing materials, Facebook ads, blog posts, eBooks, infographics, and a myriad of other content that arm their audience with all the information they need to make a Yes decision. […]

Google Analytics Spam | Analytics Accuracy Problems

Do you have a Google Analytics Spam problem? The data that Google Analytics reports for your business website may be inaccurate. How can that be, you say? How can the reports from Google Analytics not be accurate?  Enter Google Analytics Spam. Also known as Google Analytics referral spam, ghost spam and, more recently, language spam, […]

25 Email Marketing Statistics to Know in 2017

Email marketing was a “buzz” phrase in 2016. Businesses with a social media following and website traffic have worked hard to parlay those leads into substantial email lists. By now businesses of every size understand the importance of developing and growing an email marketing list with the goal of using it to accelerate their business […]

11 Facebook Resources for Small Businesses

  Facebook plays an important role in how many small businesses successfully market their products and services. With nearly 2 Billion (with a B!) users, taking advantage of Facebook resources as part of a strategic small business marketing plan should be high priority.  That said, it’s also true that there are some nuances and complexities in […]

How to Promote Blog Posts – 18 Super-Useful Promotion Tactics

It’s done! You are excited about your new well-written and informative blog post. Hitting the “publish” button is cathartic and you’re certain that it will mean big things for website traffic. So, you wait…and wait…and wait some more. But the traffic never comes. Discouragement sets in. You have created a great blog post but you […]

15 Social Media Resources For Growing Your Small Business

Developing an effective social media presence for your business is challenging. Small businesses are often at a marketing disadvantage due to a lack of resources and budget dollars. With concerns like how to generate shareable content and the best way to convert that buzz into profit, there’s a lot to be learned. To help with […]

7 Reasons You Need a Small Business Website

The matchbook cover was the first small business website. And it was revolutionary. Joshua Pusey, a Philadelphia lawyer, invented the matchbook in 1892. In the 1940s and 1950s, detailed artwork and strategic marketing plans launched the matchbook cover to the top of marketing successes. Customizing a matchbook cover essentially put your business on the map, […]

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

“The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.” Seth Godin Are you one of the many businesses that has avoided investing time and money into an effective PPC advertising campaign due to fear of making Pay-Per-Click marketing mistakes? We understand…we really do, because pay-per-click can seem daunting and confusing. If […]

7 Reasons To Create High Quality Website Content

Do you know what the most important component of your website is? CONTENT. In the age of DIY website creation, small business owners are able to quickly publish a business website with any number of platform products. While the convenience is unprecedented and the ease of use is unparalleled, a pretty website is not the […]