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Email Marketing Services Small business Web PresenceBuilding your business web presence involves more than simply having a great website. It’s also about building a relationship with your target audience. Email marketing is a valuable tool for communicating directly with your customers, prospects, partners, and suppliers. 

We have found through many years of direct hands-on experience that email marketing provides outstanding business value and ROI, both short term and long term.

Email Marketing Benefits

Benefits of email marketing for your business include:

  • Communication: Email allows your business to speak directly to customers, prospects, partners and suppliers
  • Visibility: Provides recurring contact and visibility (front of mind) with your contacts
  • ROIProvides higher ROI and conversion rates than social media
  • Authority: Provides an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and authority in your market
  • ValueCreates a channel for you to provide added value to your subscribers
  • Brand: Strengthens your brand through targeted messaging
  • Measurement: Marketing activities can be measured and enhanced based on concrete numbers and metrics

Email Marketing Services We Provide

Email is a communication channel. When utilized as part of an overall marketing strategy it is a powerful tool. Key elements of a solid Email marketing program include:

  •  An email marketing strategy with a clear goal and objectives
  •  A high quality Email Service Provider (ESP)
  •  High quality email templates provided by the ESP
  •  Email contact list
  •  Expanding source of quality content to send to contacts via email
  •  Tools and methods to grow your email contact list.
  •  Ability to measure email success metrics

We help clients build and manage all the pieces of the puzzle. From strategy to services to tools, methodologies, content, email design, success measurements, and growth.

Your email marketing efforts can grow at your pace and within your needs and budget.

Let Web Presence Solutions help you develop the strategies and tactics to take advantage of the power of email marketing. We can help you with your needs, requirements and questions for developing an effective and successful email marketing strategy, building email campaigns and growing your email list.

Use our contact form or call us directly at (801) 948-4375 to have a no-cost conversation about how we can help boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and help you grow your business.

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