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WordPress now powers over 25% of the websites on the Web according to data fromW3Techs. WordPress is a powerful, well-supported platform that provides the opportunity to develop and grow a powerful, highly-functional website at a reasonable cost for small businesses and startups. An added bonus is that there are a number of excellent WordPress resources for small businesses available online.

Whether you are building your business website yourself using WordPress or working with a WordPress developer, there are a wealth of WordPress resources to help in the learning process. These resources can be useful in the development, growth and ongoing maintenance of your WordPress-based website and web presence.

Finding the Best Small Business WordPress Resources

A challenge people sometimes face in locating useful WordPress resources online is that many of them are geared towards experienced developers, programmers and designers. To help new or less experienced WordPress users we created this list with a focus on small businesses. The goal is to save you time in wading through the numerous resources out there.

Wordpress-Resources-small-businesses-web-presence-solutions-seoHere are 12 excellent resources that are great for small businesses, WordPress novices and anyone who wants to learn more about WordPress. Check out each of them to see which ones best meet your specific needs. Along with the twelve websites we have also included two WordPress-focused YouTube channels that you might find interesting.

WordPress 101

Learning how to build an amazing site doesn’t have to be bland and boring. As one of the web’s go-to resources in WordPress education, WordPress 101 seeks to make the training process fun, fast, and interactive. Boasting the ability to teach the basics in under an hour, over 500,000 business owners and marketers have used WordPress 101 as a way to master everything the site has to offer, with videos and interactive tutorials available to enhance the learning process.
Website: https://www.wp101.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/wp101

WP Beginner

A free resource for WordPress beginners looking for a way to get started, WP Beginner provides a wealth of information covering all areas of building an amazing blog or website. Users can read blog posts, explore books and video resources, and access coupons and promotions that can reduce the website costs in order to make the most of the features and options WordPress has to offer.

This WordPress resource also provides information well beyond the beginner level. It is also an excellent reference site for details you might have forgotten over time and for keeping up on current WordPress news.
Website:  http://www.wpbeginner.com/blog/
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/wpbeginner

WordPress Help Online

Mastering the art of building an excellent website isn’t easy. WordPress Help Online provides numerous ways to assist. This resource delivers comprehensive details about establishing a WordPress site, customizing it using templates and widgets, and making sure your website is up to date.

WordPress Help Online’s blog provides new developments, tips, and tricks to guarantee you’re making the most of your website, facilitating small business email marketing and enhancing content possibilities.
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/wphelponlinecom

WP Superstars

If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know about using WordPress to maintain a beautiful website, you can probably find it here. Operating with the motto “WordPress Simplified,” WP Superstars is overflowing with useful information, ranging from tutorials and tips to a hosting comparison to help you find the best company to host your site. From widgets to error prevention tips, users can find it all in one clean, easy-to-navigate interface.
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/wpsuperstars

Easy WP Guide

One challenge with WordPress is that new versions are released on a fairly regular basis. Keeping up with the changes is important. Easy WP Guide consolidates everything you need to know in one place in the form of a simple, easy to read WordPress Manual that’s always up to date.

Every guide coincides with the most up to date WordPress version, making sure you’re never a step behind. The content within the guide ranges from very basic to quite complex, offering something for everyone no matter your skill level. Best of all, the standard user guide is completely free.
Website: http://easywpguide.com/


A hub for all things WordPress, WPKube is a timely and relevant resource to help you get started. Offering beginner-focused user guides, product reviews, themes, tutorials, and news, everything you need to launch a brand new site or blog is right at your fingertips. WPKube also includes a wide range of tools and plugins designed to facilitate everything from visual content to email marketing services, making sure you’re always a step ahead of the competition.
Website: http://www.wpkube.com

WP Apprentice

There’s a reason WP Apprentice bills itself as “A Better Way to learn WordPress.” With a mission to make WordPress clear and simple for even those with little experience, WP Apprentice has a wide selection of tools and reference material to make the web design process simple. The video courses can teach the basics in under an hour, with more comprehensive courses intended to teach everything necessary to assemble a professional caliber site.
Website: http://wpapprentice.com

Winning WordPress

Staying up to date with WordPress doesn’t have to be a challenge. Rather than sifting through unnecessary information, the Winning WordPress blog makes sure you never miss an update with relevant, timely posts to ensure you can maintain everything from a simple blog to a complex ecommerce empire. Featuring reviews, sales, and thorough information, everything you need to make sure you have the best site possible is always at your fingertips.
Website: http://winningwp.com


There’s no need to go hunting for WordPress updates when you can receive them in your inbox without lifting a finger. wpMail is a comprehensive weekly newsletter about all things WordPress, giving you access to elite resources delivered directly to you. A wpMail subscription means you’ll never miss a beat in the WordPress community, no matter what developments are on the horizon. And, best of all, wpMail is completely free.
Website: http://wpmail.me


As your premier source for all things WordPress, WPExplorer is full of great information to make your site all it can be. Offering total drag and drop themes to make page construction as easy as possible, the resources on WPExplorer can guarantee you a gorgeous site with almost no effort on your part. Stay on top of updates, take advantage of exclusive freebies, explore great themes, and use discounts to save big on what it takes to put your best face forward.
Website: http://www.wpexplorer.com

Woo Themes

Woo Themes is the ultimate WordPress toolkit, giving you everything you need to improve your small business website. Offering an extensive range of tools, plugins, and ecommerce functionality, you’ll always have easy access to what is necessary to put together a beautiful website in a way that is simple and straightforward. Woo Themes makes creating a customized site easy, offering one of the most comprehensive databases of WordPress extensions and options on the web.
Website: https://www.woothemes.com

Udemy WordPress 2016 Course

There’s no need to teach yourself when the Udemy WordPress Courses can help you streamline the process. The WordPress for Beginners Course offering includes 73 lectures and 8 hours of video content to help WordPress users at an early experience level to benefit from Udemy’s thorough, comprehensive tools.

Learn about what it takes to build a professional website, what plugins and themes are, the plugins best for SEO, social media, and email marketing for small businesses, and how to make sure your site is seen. Also be sure to check out the other WordPress courses that Udemy offers.
Website: https://www.udemy.com/wordpress-for-beginners-course

WordPress Resources – YouTube Channels

In addition to the 12 WordPress resources for small businesses listed above there are also video resources available. Below are two YouTube channels that provide a wide range of WordPress information.

Some videos are more recent than others. Since WordPress is updated regularly be sure the video information correlates with the version of WordPress you are using. Some information will be valid regardless of the WP version. Other information can be based on a specific version of WordPress. Check out these YouTube Channels:




Mastering WordPress may seem like a large mountain to climb initially, but there are plenty of easily accessible WordPress resources available at no-cost or low-cost to help. By relying on the amazing resources the internet has to offer, you can take your WordPress website to the next level, increasing visibility, enhancing your SEO strategies, and giving your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

A high quality WordPress based website can play a critical role in the level of success of a small business. An engaging, easy to use website can also take your sales and marketing efforts for  ecommerce, email marketing, social media and blogging to an even higher level of success.

The WordPress resources for small businesses listed here will provide a growing and dynamic pool of tips, tools, and advice to help you make your WordPress website excel in the online business world  and grow your business web presence. Have any other resources you would recommend?

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