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Developing a social media presence can be a daunting task for most small business owners. While many business people are aware of the important role social media websites such as Facebook can play in a business’s marketing strategy, there are many questions about direction, which resources to utilize, and how to develop and implement a social media strategy.

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Facebook Resources

Many people consider Facebook to be the biggest and most important social media platform. With over one billion Facebook users it is hard to argue. To assist small business owners and managers in developing a better understanding of Facebook and social media we have compiled an initial list of Small Business Facebook Resources for you to explore. This list contains useful information about each resource and how each of them can help your company thrive.

At one time word-of-mouth marketing and a great product used to be enough to keep customers engaged and returning. In today’s world a small business also needs a strong web presence and a solid social media foundation to grow their business success.

If you know that your business needs to use Facebook but aren’t sure what small businesses Facebook Resources are readily available, look no further. The resources listed below will provide a range of excellent starting points and include websites from: Mari Smith, Inside Facebook, Amy Porterfield, TechCrunch, Andrea Vahl, Post Planner, Jon Loomer, and Agora Pulse.

Mari Smith

A Facebook marketing expert Facebook-Resources-Mari-Smithand thought leader, Mari Smith’s website is a very useful resource for those who are learning how to use social media for effective and far-reaching marketing. Along with Mari’s very informative blog her website also provides access to her “Mega List of Facebook Business Resources” section that include links to informative articles, Facebook iframe apps, social media tools, other recommended blogs, and Mari’s top book picks.

As an established social media personality Mari’s Facebook page has over 134,000 Likes and she has almost 300,000 Followers on Twitter. Smith’s website also provides information on books she has written including, “The New Relationship Marketing: How To Build A Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using The Social Web” and “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.” Businesses can also hire Mari for social media marketing consulting, customized social media training, or even social media services themselves.

Smith’s website provides a guide to growing a business by utilizing Facebook in a way that’s easy to understand, succinct, and relevant. You can also connect with Smith over Facebook (naturally) and other social media sites. Smith is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable people on the web when it comes to social media and Facebook, so her site is an excellent resource. Website here:

Inside Facebook

Small-Business-Facebook-Resources-InsideFacebookThe dynamic Inside Facebook website provides the latest inside information about a wide range of ins and outs of the Facebook social media platform. The blog is updated once or twice a day with information, tips and techniques related to Facebook, its use and its users. You’ll also find some great Facebook tools on the website, covering everything from Facebook ads to apps and social metrics.

This site updates frequently, so it’s a great resource for current information on Facebook’s value as a marketing tool. Through this small business Facebook resource owners can gain insights into the Facebook user base and effectiveness of Facebook. Visitors can also access Inside Facebooks’ PageData section which contains a wealth of numerical information on users and trends. Website here:

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield Facebook ResourcesAmy Porterfield’s website is targeted directly to small business owners who are working to grow their business and see Facebook and social media as important tools in the process. Her blog is updated regularly and provides great Facebook information and insight. Amy also has a strong focus on being her own boss and running a small business.

With over 94,000 Facebook Likes Amy seems to walk the walk. As you might expect her Facebook page has quite a bit of engagement. Website information includes items such as methods to get more Facebook fans, explanations on ongoing Facebook changes and layouts, and tips to learn how to increase fan engagement.

Amy’s website also offers webinars for those who are “Interested in the Facebook Marketing Profit Lab,” and additional resources like recommended trainings, business tools, social media tools, and product creation tools. The site is updated once a week, and you can sign up for her podcasts and webinars to get even more information. Website here:


TechCrunch Facebook Resources TechCrunch provides news coverage of a wide range of technology areas including just about everything that Facebook is doing. In fact TechCrunch has a specific Facebook section with news and articles covering topics from Facebook’s privacy policy and algorithm changes to the demographics of the people and businesses who use Facebook. Content is updated very frequently (a minimum of once a day), making it a fabulous small business Facebook resource for those who want up-to-date information about the social media giant.

TechCrunch is one of the most highly trafficked tech sites on the web and has tech info well beyond Facebook. The site also includes Channels for Social Media, Startups and mobile technology along with a growing library of high quality tech-focused videos.

If you want to target your Facebook page to Facebook users, TechCrunch can provide you with the numbers you need. One recent piece that might be helpful broke down the demographics on the average Facebook user by gender, age, and race. Website here:

Andrea Vahl

Andrea Vahl Facebook ResourcesAndrea Vahl’s site focuses on several social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Despite the broad focus, Vahl dedicates a big portion of the site to Facebook. For Facebook advertising secrets, how to use Facebook to grow your business, or using Facebook to generate leads, Vahl has a wealth of Facebook information for business owners, managers and users.

Andrea Vahl also provides Facebook ad training and a course in Facebook advertising secrets. Additionally, you can find free webinars for business owners who want to learn more. These webinars include, “Facebook On Ramp: Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing.” Vahl’s blog is updated weekly, so be sure to check back for the latest tidbits and words of wisdom.

Andrea is co-author of the book “Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies” (along with Amy Porterfield) and the eBook “How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business” among others. Her website is here:

Post Planner

Post Planner Facebook Resources Post Planner is an ingeniously designed website that is made for small business owners who want to drive traffic to their website and convert Facebook fans into customers. Instead of providing broad tips and tricks about how marketing on Facebook works, Post Planner’s content is specific. They show you tactics like how to make a status update that will go viral and how to capitalize on the likes, shares and other engagement your content earns.

This small business Facebook resource is different from most of the others on this list. While it provides very useful information via its blog, Post Planner also provides some specific tools that could be just the resource to launch your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level.

An example: Post Planner shared a photo that received three million views and over 55,000 Likes from a page with only 62,000 fans. Post Planner delivers content they have found to catch a large number of users’ attention and engage them. Then, use Post Planner’s tips on how to profit from all those Likes and shares. Post Planner states that their system can significantly increase your Likes, clicks and shares and save businesses hours every week. With numbers like that, this resource is worth exploring.
Visit website here:

Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer Small business Facebook ResourceJon Loomer is a writer, self-taught programmer and social media guru who specializes in advanced Facebook marketing. The website which is updated weekly, offers tons of information through his blog, podcasts and videos. Jon is another social media personality with a strong track record indicated by over 59K Facebook Likes and 10K Twitter Followers.

Use this website to learn about audience insights and why they’re a powerful tool and why Facebook page Likes matter, among many other topics. You can also find information to help you determine how to target Facebook users based on their purchasing behavior and learn more about the details of Facebook conversion tracking.

Loomer’s site is so helpful partly because of how user-friendly and easily navigable it is. If you need something more than the resources and information that are available on the site itself, Loomer also provides one-on-one coaching and Facebook training courses. For advanced Facebook marketers Loomer also offers what he refers to as the “Power Hitters Club.” There is a monthly fee and it included weekly webinars and a private community. Website here:

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse Small Business Facebook ResourcesAgora Pulse is a company that offers Facebook marketing services to small businesses that don’t have the time or the know-how to manage their Facebook page themselves. The Agora Pulse website offers several potential benefits – their informative blog, their free Facebook resources and paid-for tools.

After signing up for Agora Pulse’s service, your business will have access to all of their applications, advanced statistics, fan ranking, competitor benchmarking, and more. With these tools in hand your time spent increasing your businesses reach and generating new leads on Facebook will be much more effective.

If you’re not sure if you want to sign up for the services, no problem—the website provides a lot of free Facebook resources for small business owners, too. These range from articles about marketing and Facebook updates and a timeline contest manager to their Facebook Marketing University and more. The site updates content daily, so check back often to get the most benefit from this excellent resource.

The paid plans (monthly fee) includes a range of useful Facebook tools, advanced statistics, monthly reports, and content creation assistance. This small business Facebook resource also comes with several Twitter tools at no extra charge. Website here:

Next Step: Utilizing These Small Business Facebook Resources

If you’re a small business owner and don’t know how to use Facebook to your advantage, now is an excellent time to learn. Facebook marketing can be a valuable activity for many small businesses and help in build online success.

The resources included here will have different approaches, levels of content, and tools for assisting you with your Facebook activities. Since different small businesses will have different needs, you can find the resources that work best for your business. If you need further assistance in developing your Facebook or social media, please contact Web Presence Solutions and we will be glad to assist you.

Many of these websites and social media personalities also have mailing lists where you can receive regular newsletters and additional information or reports that are not available directly on the websites. They all make it easy to unsubscribe at any time, so you can try a few newsletters and see if they provide ongoing benefit for your needs.

The small business Facebook resources in this article can provide a wealth of information for getting started. If you want to remain competitive, attract new customers and convert more leads to sales, Facebook and social media can provide strong benefits. If you have other Facebook resources that you have found useful for your business please let us know so we can add them to the list. Thanks.

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