Welcome to Web Presence Solutions

Welcome to Web Presence Solutions.

We believe that your business web presence is a very important component of your sales, marketing and branding efforts. At Web Presence Solutions we develop and implement strategies, solutions and tactics to help businesses leverage their website, social media assets, marketing content, email lists and customers to build a powerful, branded online presence. We know that most business owners don’t have the time or inclination stay up to date with the many changes that occur within search engines, social media and online marketing. We are here to help.

A business’ web presence consists of a number of different facets of the Internet which are evolving on a continual basis. We named our business Web Presence Solutions to illustrate our focus on solutions and not just one or a few specific aspects of Internet technology. Since business needs can vary dramatically depending on the business size, industry, product or service focus, age, customer base and budget, we treat each client individually without any cookie cutter type of approach.

The Ever Evolving Internet

A key aspect of your business web presence is your website. Having a usable and well performing website has a direct impact of visitor’s perceptions of your business. Does it provide the information that customer and potential customers (prospects) need? Can visitors find the information they want and perform the tasks they want easily and efficiently? Does the website load quickly and function correctly on different web browsers? Can your website be viewed easily and effectively on various mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablet computers?

The Internet continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Not that long ago SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was seen by many as the sole solution needed for small businesses to deliver all the targeted visitors that a business needed. Relatively quickly social media sites such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and a host of other web properties and services grew to provide other important opportunities for growing a business web presence.

Video marketing on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms has grown dramatically over the last few years providing significant opportunities to expand your online presence and deliver messaging and content. Email marketing, at one time considered more of a platform for spam and spurned by many people, has evolved significantly and can be a valuable tool in growing a business’ web presence and maintain contact with customers and sales prospects

Results – Metrics and Measurement

At Web Presence Solutions we believe that metrics and measurements are a key part of any solution. Good information helps drive good decisions. Providing clear reporting, communication and information to our clients is a key part of our services. We utilize the most effective metrics and measurements combined with our years of real world business experience to optimize your web presence. We look forward to an opportunity to provide guidance and services for growing your online business presence.

About Mike McEvoy

Mike McEvoy has a strong and successful history in the technology business world. With more than 25 years as a technology, marketing and Internet professional, Mike has also been a small business owner since 2002.
The primary focus of Mike and his team is on helping small businesses build a stronger web presence using digital marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media and email marketing.
 Connect with Mike on Twitter - @Mike_McEvoy and @WebPresenceBiz