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 Pay-Per-Click advertising is a marketing model where advertisers create ads and pay a pre-arranged fee each time their ad is clicked on. These ads are shown within search engine results or in various ways on different social media platforms.

Pay-Per-Click, also commonly referred to simply as PPC is a useful method for small businesses to develop brand recognition, a consistent web presence, and a steady flow of new leads and website traffic.

 Are You:

  • Looking to grow your sales leads and prospects?
  • Working to build targeted traffic to your website in a clear, sustained, measurable way?
  • Frustrated with the constant gyrations of Google’s search engine rankings?
  • Looking to reach sales leads and prospects that you wouldn’t likely reach via SEO?
  • Interested in a cost effectively solution to grow your email list?
  • Searching for a solution to build your Facebook reach and engagement?
  • Tired of  having to wrap your head around complex technical SEO terms or implementing ongoing geeky website changes to please the search engines?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Solutions

We can help! Using cost effective, highly targeted pay-per-click marketing (PPC) we can develop a clear and measurable process for your business to reach and engage with your target market.

Beyond Google Search Results and SEO:

An important aspect of online advertising is an ability to reach people who are not using Google or Bing to find information about your product, service or business. In these situations PPC platforms from Google and Facebook provide real opportunities.

Examples Where Pay-Per-Click Delivers:

  • No Searchs: Someone could have a very strong interest in a topic, product or service but never do a Google search for that topic. How do you reach them?
  • Unclear Search Terms: A sales prospect may not be able to effectively identify your products, services or brand. How do they know what to search for?

Benefits of PPC Ads for a Small Businesses?

  • Focused on generating sales leads & prospects.
  • Can reach leads and prospects more quickly.
  • Reaches potential customers that you would not likely reach via SEO or content marketing.
  • Can effectively control how much or how little you spend.
  • Great for growing your email list.
  • Straightforward process, no complex technical terms or website changes.
  • Easily measurable

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Many people are familiar or at least aware of Google’s advertising platform, AdWords. Fewer people are familiar with Facebook’s fast growing advertising platform. What are some of the benefits small businesses are getting with the Facebook Ad platform?

  • Locating more qualified sales leads & prospects.
  • Reaching people that you would not likely reach via SEO or content marketing.
  • Getting quicker results in reaching a target audience and generating faster conversions, email subscribers and traffic.
  • Identifying a highly targeted audience including specific interests, geographic location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Avoiding the need for understanding complex technical terms or implementing geeky website changes.
  • ROI – All Facebook ad activity is measurable. Clear metrics for assessing and monitoring results.
  • Bypassing Google Search Changes – Ad campaigns are not impacted by Google changes.

What can I use Facebook Ads for?

  • Grow sales leads and sales prospects.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Building your email list.
  • Get signups and attendees for online events such as webinars.
  • Grow your Facebook page Reach and Likes.
  • Build online visibility for your business and brand.

Facebook Facts:

  • 72% of adult Internet users are on Facebook as of August 2015 (Source: Pew Research).
  • Facebook had 173 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) in the US and Canada as of Q1 2016, with 1.09 billion daily active users worldwide. (Source: TechCrunch).
  • Facebook has 222 Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in the US and Canada with 1.65 billion monthly users worldwide as of Q1 2016. An increase of 3.8% from Q4 2015.  (Source: TechCrunch).
  • Non- Fact: People spend a ridiculous amount of time on Social Media — Facebook is too huge for a business of any size to ignore.

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