Steve B. ~ Business founder & owner, multiple businesses, SF Bay Area

I have worked with Mike McEvoy for over 20 years. During that time, Mike has been a rare person who continues to understand the latest in technology and how it interfaces with modern marketing. Mike is currently on the cutting edge of understanding how SEO and internet services connect to marketing and business development. We are currently clients and he's doing an excellent job for us. I would highly recommend him. … [Read more...]

Tony F. ~ Business owner, Sports training, SF Bay Area

I didn't realize how involved and nuanced SEO was until I started working with Mike.  He is a PRO and has helped two of my business increase traffic significantly and more important, helped each see increased sales over the past year through his efforts. Mike has put clear plans together and executed them, adjusted them when needed and is constantly looking for new ways to improve.  In an ever changing Internet world, having a partner like Mike is a must so you won't get left behind. … [Read more...]

Susan R. ~ Author and Professional Keynote Speaker, Marin, CA

Working with Mike McEvoy has been an incredible experience! His knowledge of the complexities of the ever-changing field of search engine research is enhanced by his understanding of both marketing and Business practices. And he has the unique skill of being able to communicate both the technical and business facets so that the average non-technical person (I) understands. I have seen my business grow and my understanding of the mechanics, goals and best practices along with it because of his … [Read more...]

Peter M. ~ Independent Web Consultant, Seattle, WA

Success in SEO and traffic-building isn't simple.   It requires technical know-how, strong quantitative and analytic skills, follow through, and staying current with ever-changing trends.   Mike combines these abilities with solid communication and client skills.   He also brings site usability and user interaction experience to the table. I originally worked with Mike 15 years ago in the corporate software world at Autodesk, where he was a knowledgeable and respected technology manager. His … [Read more...]

Grady H. ~ Business owner, Internet-based business, Southern CA

As a business owner I don't have time to keep up with the continuous changes taking place with search engine and online marketing. We have been working with Mike for some time and he provided us great direction for our strategic efforts in this area. He brings great knowledge and service to our business. One of the things that sets Mike's services apart from other technology service providers that I've worked with in the past is his experience and ability to see beyond the technology and … [Read more...]