Power of Email Marketing Compared to Social Media

Social Media is sexy and Email Marketing is spammy. True or false? There was a time when people dismissed the power of email marketing as spammy or uncool, especially considering the ongoing media frenzy around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and numerous other social media properties. However, over time savvy marketers have realized (or never forgot) the power of email marketing compared to social media and which medium provides the best “Bang for the Buck” in actually acquiring … [Read more...]

Using Quality Content for SEO and Business Success

Infographic: "Why Content for SEO" Creating compelling web content has been a consistent element of business success on the Internet. Significant changes by Google that began in 2012 placed even more emphasis on quality website content for successful SEO efforts. In reality the benefits of well written, engaging, informative content within websites, social media and email marketing go well beyond ranking in the search engines and drawing traffic to a website. Quality content is also a … [Read more...]

Welcome to Web Presence Solutions

Welcome to Web Presence Solutions. We believe that your business web presence is a very important component of your sales, marketing and branding efforts. At Web Presence Solutions we develop and implement strategies, solutions and tactics to help businesses leverage their website, social media assets, marketing content, email lists and customers to build a powerful, branded online presence. We know that most business owners don't have the time or inclination stay up to date with the many … [Read more...]