9 Web Presence Insights for Small Business

This blog post features the content that was sent to our email subscribers. Periodically we share  informative articles and links for content that we feel will provide value for small business owners, managers and marketers. Our goal with our email campaigns is to provide high quality, relevant information for readers that reaches beyond the blog posts we write. We target quality web content on the topics of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, … [Read more...]

Measuring Your Business Web Presence – 7 Reasons You Should

  Do you know how visible your business is on the Internet? Seems like a straight forward question for a small business owner. Or is it? Does your business have a clear view of its full web presence? Frequent changes to technology, marketing opportunities and customer expectations makes measuring your web presence a moving target. Measurement means utilizing a cohesive strategy for gathering metrics that build a broad understanding of how visible your business is across all … [Read more...]

SEO Changes – SEO Isn’t What It Used to Be

Life on the Internet changes quickly. SEO is no exception and Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve at a rapid rate. What SEO is and isn’t today is quite a bit different from a few years ago. This rate of change frequently causes confusion for people that are unfamiliar with SEO. Here are some key points to help de-mystify recent SEO changes. Google Changes Fuel SEO Changes A major factor in the changing nature of SEO is that Google also continues to change at a rapid rate. Since … [Read more...]

SEO ROI – Measuring Business Investment Return

A common question we hear at Web Presence Solutions when discussing SEO is “What is the ROI for my SEO investment?” Put another way, how does a small business identify and quantify SEO ROI and what is the value derived from the time, energy and money put into search engine optimization and web presence development? All valid questions. The Reality is that SEO ROI is not a cut-and-dried metric. In a perfect world we would like to have a clear, concise answer to the SEO ROI question. However, a … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Quality Website Content is Valuable

Many business owners recognize that quality website content is valuable, but the scope of this value is not always obvious. 2014 may be the year of content marketing, but there are still many business owners and bloggers who aren’t quite sure how to create truly valuable and engaging content for their website. Here are seven reasons why quality website content is so valuable and what distinguishes it from ineffective content. What is Content? To begin this look at the value of quality content … [Read more...]

Small Business Website Usability Testing Quick Win

Does your Website work effectively for your Visitors and Customers? Website usability continues to grow in importance for businesses of all sizes. While large businesses can afford to hire usability engineers or bring in outside usability testing resources these options are outside the budget structure of most (all) small businesses. Yet the impact of website visitors having a positive website user experience is a growing factor in visitor engagement, repeat visits and sales conversions. … [Read more...]

Metadata, Meta Tags, Web Page Titles, Descriptions Explained

In the Web World the term Metadata is an important element in optimizing a web page or a website to rank well in the search engines and receive the greatest amount of visitors. In a broad sense Metadata means "data about data." In a web context these elements are also often referred to as meta tags, and sometimes, meta data. When it comes to web pages, Metadata and meta tags refer to the title and description of a web page that are encoded into the page but not actually displayed on the … [Read more...]

What Do Your Website Visitors Want?

  It sounds like a straightforward question, "What do visitors to your website want?" As a small business website owner it's easy to become overly focused on what you, the business owner, want visitors to do or see while on your website. However, from a strategic perspective it is equally important to have an understanding of what your visitors want when they arrive at your website. You've implement strategies and tactics to get visitors to your website (SEO, social media, email, … [Read more...]

Using Quality Content for SEO and Business Success

Infographic: "Why Content for SEO" Creating compelling web content has been a consistent element of business success on the Internet. Significant changes by Google that began in 2012 placed even more emphasis on quality website content for successful SEO efforts. In reality the benefits of well written, engaging, informative content within websites, social media and email marketing go well beyond ranking in the search engines and drawing traffic to a website. Quality content is also a … [Read more...]

Welcome to Web Presence Solutions

Welcome to Web Presence Solutions. We believe that your business web presence is a very important component of your sales, marketing and branding efforts. At Web Presence Solutions we develop and implement strategies, solutions and tactics to help businesses leverage their website, social media assets, marketing content, email lists and customers to build a powerful, branded online presence. We know that most business owners don't have the time or inclination stay up to date with the many … [Read more...]