7 Reasons To Create High Quality Website Content

Do you know what the most important component of your website is? CONTENT. In the age of DIY website creation, small business owners are able to quickly publish a business website with any number of platform products. While the convenience is unprecedented and the ease of use is unparalleled, a pretty website is not the same as a high quality website. Your audience is visiting your website with specific intentions or goals in mind. During each visit the quality and value of the content … [Read more...]

How to Create Engaging Blog Post Content for Your Small Business – 9 Tips

  “I don’t know what to write about for my next small business blog post.” Does this sound like you? You understand the importance of including a small business blog on your website. You have likely read about the value of posting to your blog on a regular basis. But, after the first several blog post ideas, many businesses hit a wall of writer’s block and can lose interest or even give up on the blog. Get your creative business juices flowing again with these inspiring and … [Read more...]

Facebook Ads – 7 Ways They Can Boost Your Small Business Growth and Sales

  Logging into Facebook can sometimes seem like an obstacle course of annoying cat videos, Aunt Mildred’s political posts, and a barrage of food pictures. However, upon closer inspection, Facebook Ads have become a successful advertising proving ground for small business. Facebook advertising has grown by 50% within the past year and with an average cost per click of $0.64, it is easy to see why. As a point of reference, the average cost per click rate for Google AdWords is $2.32. … [Read more...]

6 Things Your Small Business Should Know About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Small businesses that have effective, search engine optimized websites position themselves ahead of the competition for ranking in the search engines. But, what happens if your website is not ranking within the first five results in Google or even on the first page for your most important keywords? Ranking high in the search engines is not easy and competition on the web continues to grow. Is it possible for a small business to compete with more established, larger websites? Thankfully, the … [Read more...]

How to Create Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a powerful business tool. Used effectively it can provide a range of business benefits for company visibility, marketing, branding and sales. At the same time it can also require an investment to learn, implement and maintain the optimal social media solutions for your business. Having a clear, concise social media strategy for your business will make social marketing more effective, more efficient, less costly and less time consuming. To assist with your social media … [Read more...]

9 Actionable Ways to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Are you curious how your competition has grown such a huge email list? Do you wish that you had a larger audience for your content or product offerings? You are not alone. Building a high quality, profitable email marketing list is a bit of a science. But when done correctly, email lists have tremendous value to small businesses and can provide a strong impetus for growth. What Exactly Is An Email Subscriber List? Simply put, an email list is a captive audience. When developed correctly, your … [Read more...]

Keywords – 5 Things Every Small Business Should Know

Ahh, there is that elusive word again. Keywords. You know that you should have them, but why? And how are they identified? The keyword landscape is one of constant change. Gone are the days when a website could be packed with keywords and receive traffic. Search engines are becoming more intuitive and algorithms are favoring high quality content, which may include relevant keywords. Maintaining a strong keyword presence in your website content can seem tricky, but before you bury your head in … [Read more...]

What Are Landing Pages – How Can Businesses Use Them Best?

  Amazon offers 43,055 kitchen sponges for sale on their website. With that many options, it should be easy to find the one that you want, right? WRONG! Americans make an average of 70 different choices each day. Barry Schwartz, well known for his theories on the “paradox of choice,” discusses the balance between feeling imprisoned by no choices and being paralyzed with too many choices. The bottom line - when people have fewer options, they feel more empowered and able to make a … [Read more...]

Website Pop Ups – 5 Reasons Why You Want to Use Them

Pop ups can be obnoxious – but they work. If you knew that simple website pop ups could increase your email subscriber rate by 1,375%, would you consider adding one? Of course you would! And although developing and maintaining an email list is important to your business for many reasons, web pop ups also have many uses that translate into increased engagement and ultimately, more customers. If you don’t realize that you have an actual problem, why would you need a solution? The following … [Read more...]

6 Email Content Tips – What to Send to Your List?

  You have jumped on board with email marketing for regularly communicating with your email audience and have followed our tips for getting started. You sit down at your computer and BAM! The questions arise - what type of content is best to send to my email list? And where does this content come from? Now that you have begun to develop an email list, you don’t want to keep your subscribers hanging without providing quality content on a regular basis.  It can be tricky to know … [Read more...]